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Figure 3 | Cell Regeneration

Figure 3

From: SNX17 regulates Notch pathway and pancreas development through the retromer-dependent recycling of Jag1

Figure 3

SNX17 co-immunoprecipitates with Jag1a. (A) The Flag-tagged SNX17 pulled down the HA-tagged Jag1a when co-expressed in 293 T cells. SNX11 is a PX-only SNX family member and was used as the negative control. (B) HA-Jag1a co-immunoprecipitated with full-length or the FERM-like domain of SNX17. The PX domain failed to be pulled-down in the same assay. (C) SNX17 co-localized with Jag1a in 293 T cells.

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