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Figure 3 | Cell Regeneration

Figure 3

From: SNX16 negatively regulates the migration and tumorigenesis of MCF-7 cells

Figure 3

SNX16 regulates the migration but not proliferation of cells. (A) Stable cell lines expressing SNX16 or an empty vector were established in the HT1080 or MCF-7 cells and the migration activities of these cells were evaluated by the cell migration assay. A typical result of the assay is shown here. (B) Statistical analysis of (A). Ectopic expression of SNX16 reduces the migration of both HT1080 and MCF-7 cells. (C) Both siRNAs to SNX16 efficiently reduce the mRNA level of SNX16 in MCF-7 cells as determined by real-time RT-PCR. (D) Down-regulation of SNX16 by either siRNA enhances the migration of MCF-7 cells. (E, F) Ectopic expression of SNX16 does not change the growth curve (E) or cell cycle profile (F) of MCF-7 cells. Data represent mean ± SD in all cases.

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