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Figure 2

From: Exploring the utility of organo-polyoxometalate hybrids to inhibit SOX transcription factors

Figure 2

A heatmap displaying the average residual DNA binding activities of 15 different TFs upon treatment with 125 nM of a panel of inhibitor compounds. The residual DNA binding activity is reported as an average of five independent experiments. Two-dimensional clustering of the residual DNA binding activities was carried out by hierarchical clustering analysis (Euclidean distance). (Red color indicates high inhibition, while yellow color indicates relatively lesser inhibition). Inhibitor compounds are color coded by their POM class. Inset shows typical inhibition profiles of representative TFs namely Sox17, REST and Pax6 upon treatment with Dawson POM K6 [P2Mo18O62] (D1Mo), measured by fluorescence anisotropy.

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