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Figure 2

From: Aberrant DNA methylation reprogramming during induced pluripotent stem cell generation is dependent on the choice of reprogramming factors

Figure 2

DNA methylation aberrations that are common in Y- and T-iPSCs. A. Hypomethylated CpGs in fibroblasts that undergo de novo methylation. B. Hypomethylated CpGs that fail to be methylated. C. Hypermethylated CpGs in fibroblasts that fail to be demethylated. D. Hypermethylated CpGs in fibroblasts that get aberrantly methylated. E. Summary of the classes of DNA methylation aberrations found in all the iPSCs. F. DNA methylation of CpGs at the transcription start site of 9 genes reported to be aberrantly methylated in all iPSCs [15].

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