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Figure 2 | Cell Regeneration

Figure 2

From: ETV2 expression increases the efficiency of primitive endothelial cell derivation from human embryonic stem cells

Figure 2

Introduction of exogenous ETV2 increases the percentage of endothelial cells generated during differentiation. (A) Construct used to generate virus for introduction of ETV2 to hESC. (B–D) Flow cytometry for YFP and VE-CADHERIN. Left panels of each subset show YFP expression in infected cells. Right panels of each subset show VE-CADHERIN expression within YFP+ population. Percentages represent an average from three (B, D) or six experiments (C) and cell counts represent and average from three (B,D) or four experiments (C). Cells were infected/analyzed on days −7i/+7a (B), +4i/+7a (C), and +1i2/+15a (D). Cell counts and percentages are calculated from cells gated to be non-debris, alive, and single cells. (E) Graphical summary of flow cytometry for infection efficiency in cells infected and analyzed on days indicated. Error bars indicate standard deviation. (F) Graphical summary of results of flow cytometry for VE-CADHERIN of YFP expressing virally infected cells. Error bars indicate standard deviation.

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