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Fig. 4

From: GATA2−/− human ESCs undergo attenuated endothelial to hematopoietic transition and thereafter granulocyte commitment

Fig. 4

Global gene expression analyses of H1 or H1-GATA2 −/− derived HPC and HE. a Hierarchical clustering analysis of RNA-Seq data for indicated samples. Genes with TPMs above 1 and at least threefold change compared with each of any other sample were selected for the analysis. Gene expression values were normalized by Z score and clustered using Clustergram software. The enriched biological functions of the indicated gene group were analyzed by Gene Ontology (GO). HPC: CD34+CD43+ cells sorted at day 9 of co-culture; HE: CD34+CD31+CD43 cells sorted at day 8 of co-culture. b Paired Pearson correlation analysis of H1 and H1-GATA2 −/− derived HEs (left) or HPCs (right). R Pearson correlation coefficient, TPM transcripts per million. Selected genes (red) are highlighted. c Heat map of selected genes based on TPM value of indicated samples. d Time course analysis of SPI1 expression during the OP9 co-culture by qRT-PCR. Error bars represent SEM of the mean of one single experiment with three replicates, representative of three independent experiments

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