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Fig. 6 | Cell Regeneration

Fig. 6

From: GATA2−/− human ESCs undergo attenuated endothelial to hematopoietic transition and thereafter granulocyte commitment

Fig. 6

H1-GATA2 −/− cells restored the potential of granulocyte on OP9-DL1. a Diagram of the strategy of the experiments. H1 or H1-GATA2 −/− ES cells were co-cultured with OP9 for 9 days, then the CD34+ HPCs were harvested and seeded onto OP9 or OP9-DL1 cells for myeloid differentiation. b CD11b and CD14 expression at day 12 of OP9/OP9-DL1-mediated myeloid differentiation were analyzed by FACS. Percentage of total CD11b+ myeloid cells or CD11b+CD14 granulocytes were shown at the left. The right bar charts represent the statistic results of relative generation of CD11b+ cells of indicated test (up) and the generation of CD11b+CD14 cells (down). The data of H1 and H1-GATA2 −/− from the OP9 co-culture for CD11b+ cell generation were set as 1 for comparison. Results indicate mean + SEM of three independent experiments. Asterisks represent statistical significance determined by t test: *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01. c FACS analysis of CD86 and CD14 expression in day 12 of OP9/OP9-DL1-mediated myeloid differentiation

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