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Fig. 2 | Cell Regeneration

Fig. 2

From: Reprogramming somatic cells to cells with neuronal characteristics by defined medium both in vitro and in vivo

Fig. 2

TuJ+ cells are further converted towards neuron-like cells. a Schematic illustration of 5C and NC medium culturing for MEFs. b Gene expression on day 24 were determined by qPCR and compared with those in MEFs. c MEFs were cultured with 5C medium for 16 days and with NC medium for an additional 8 days. Glutamate, GABA, TH, GFAP, synapsin, O4, Map2, DCX, Nestin, Sox1, Sox2, and TuJ+ were stained on day 24 as indicated. d About 50,000 cells on day 12 were labeled with EGFP and engrafted into the mouse brain. Their survival and co-staining with NeuN were determined 21 days after engraftment. The regions I–IV were marked in the first picture and enlarged by four times. Regions with interest in regions I–II were also marked and enlarged by another two times. Scale bars were provided for the largest image

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