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Fig. 2 | Cell Regeneration

Fig. 2

From: Loss of Mgat5a-mediated N-glycosylation stimulates regeneration in zebrafish

Fig. 2

mgat5a is expressed in neuromast hair cells and supporting cells, but not in mantle cells. a RFP expression in mgat5a mn0157gt mutant. mgat5a mn0157gt homozygous embryos at 5 dpf were used for the RFP expression analysis. Arrows point to the RFP expression in the neuromasts in the head and trunk. b–g mgat5a is expressed in hair cells and supporting cells, revealed by the supporting cell labeling transgenic line Et (tnk1bp1:EGFP). When compared to the neuromasts before ablation (b–d), the neuromasts after hair cell ablation (e and g) display a dramatic reduction in RFP level. White arrows in d points to the expression of RFP in hair cells. Granulated distribution of yellow color in d indicate the co-localization of RFP and GFP in supporting cells. h–j mgat5a is not expressed in mantle cells, revealed by mantle cell labeling transgenic line Et (ET20:ET20:EGFP). RFP and GFP are localized in different areas of the neuromasts. The columns from left to right are the images from red, green, and merge channels. Scale bars 10 μm

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