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Fig. 7 | Cell Regeneration

Fig. 7

From: Loss of Mgat5a-mediated N-glycosylation stimulates regeneration in zebrafish

Fig. 7

Inhibition of Notch signaling causes differences in regeneration compared to inhibition of N-glycosylation. a DAPT treatment leads to a continuous addition of hair cells during regeneration unlike swansonine that levels off after 2 dpa. A significant difference is detected at 2 dpa (n = 10, p < 0.001) and 3 dpa (n = 10, p < 0.001), but not at 1 dpa (n = 10, p = 0.132), between the control and DAPT-treated embryos. b DAPT treatment inhibits caudal fin regeneration. The difference between untreated and DAPT treated fish is significant (n = 10, p = 0.026)

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