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Figure 2 | Cell Regeneration

Figure 2

From: Genetic reporter analysis reveals an expandable reservoir of OCT4+ cells in adult skin

Figure 2

Dynamic expansion of GFP+ cells in skin. (A) Localized punch injury to dorsal skin. Left, FACS count of GFP+ cells from dorsal (dors) and abdominal (abd) skin. n = 14-28. P vs. same side basal (0). Right, box blot of epidermal GFP+ cells from wound area (W) vs remote (R) dorsal skin at d3. n = 13. (B) Box plot of epidermal GFP+ cells by FACS after non-traumatic skin depilation, age 12–14 wks, n = 9-28. P vs. basal (d0). (C) Immunostaining against smooth muscle–actin (red) and GFP (green) in flank skin after dorsal depilation, DAPI (blue). Scale bar: 20 um, magnification: 400 (upper panel), 640 (lower panel). GFP- gated cells from skin. CD34+ ITGα6hi and CD34+ ITGα6lo populations are indicated. (H).

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