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Fig. 8 | Cell Regeneration

Fig. 8

From: Loss of Mgat5a-mediated N-glycosylation stimulates regeneration in zebrafish

Fig. 8

Inhibition of N-glycosylation reduces responsiveness to TGF-beta antagonist Lefty1. a Classification of morphological phenotypes at 1 dpf. WT embryos were injected with 25 pg of lefty1 mRNA at one-cell stage, treated without or with 50 μg/ml SW from 4 hpf until 24 hpf, and then used for phenotypic analysis. Representative phenotypes for each class of embryos are shown, with the embryos oriented in a lateral view. cI–cIV, class I–class IV. b Percentage of embryos with different classes of phenotypes. Number of embryos analyzed is as indicated. A significant difference is detected between the control and SW-treated groups (p < 0.001)

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